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Ancestry used to sell and support Family Tree Maker software, Family Tree Maker for Mac and Windows is sold at
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RootsMagic 7 is available from Amazon here. RootsMagic Essentials 7 is a free version of the software which includes all of the basics you need to get started, and can be used as long as you want. Rounding out our top five picks, Family Tree Heritage 9 lacks a lot of the bells and whistles that the other programs have.

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Still, it covers all of the basics with flying colors, and has a few great features of its own. Family Tree Heritage lets you connect to Ancestry, FamilySearch, and RootsWeb, giving you instant access to billions of online records. Like our other top five choices, Family Tree Heritage provides web hints for getting the most out of your online connections. Family Tree Heritage has powerful tools to make it easy to merge two family trees together, saving you hours of crosschecking and identifying duplicate records.

The program makes it easy to add news sources, and a ditto tool that lets you quickly connect one source to many individuals. This can be a great time saver. One of the best features of Family Tree Heritage is the way you process bulk changes in your family tree all at once. If you find a mistake, like a misspelled town name, you only need to fix it in one spot, and the program can update it everywhere else for you instantly.

Other features include a research timeline that organizes what you do and don't know about an ancestor chronologically, color coding to help organize family branches both on your computer and in print, and the ability to add up to three custom tags to each ancestor so you can group them however you want. It is great for producing quick, easy to read reports, but it has a more limited choice of charts with generally uninteresting backgrounds.

So if you want fancy charts, it's not so hot, but if you want to see your info in report format, it's probably the best. On the negative side, Family Tree Heritage is the only one of our five picks that does not include an in-app browser. That means you have to switch back and forth between programs if you want to look up information online in most cases. However, it does support direct searching of Ancestry and FamilySearch databases from within the program.

Family Tree Heritage 9 does not include a mapping feature, so you can't track your ancestors visually. It also does not support same-sex marriages. Family Tree Heritage 9 has some online tutorials, but overall offers a lot less than the other programs on our list. It has a very limited online community. It can often be set up to work with other websites as well. However, it does not let you directly modify your family tree on Ancestry, only through manual uploads.

In the end, don't agonize too much about picking the wrong program. In most cases, all of them will do what you need especially if you are just starting out. Worst case scenario, all these programs let you export your data as a GEDCOM file, which can be loaded into any other genealogy software. It won't copy everything, such as photos and videos, but it will save you from starting from scratch. So decide what your main priority is, pick the program that looks best for you, and get started searching for your family roots today! My name is Mark Orwig and I am obsessed with keeping my mind busy, keeping active, and staying healthy.

I let it run for a couple hours before I forced a shutdown. Why select only those programs? Are others out there, i. Hey thanks John. Family Tree Builder. Family Tree Maker Legacy 9. Family Historian 6. RootsMagic 7. Best For. Getting started, free to use. Best all-around, most collaborative. Good all-around, best report charts. Windows 7 or later Mac Windows 7 or later Windows Vista.

Windows all Mac Quick Navigation Genealogy Software Basics. Genealogy Software Basics There are a bunch of things that you can expect any genealogical software to do: Build a family tree Record information on your ancestors: dates, locations, relationships, etc. Document research sources and link them to your family tree Maintain more than one database for multiple family trees Print out ancestral charts and reports Share your family tree with others in print and electronically Store photos, audio and video recordings, and scans of your ancestors and documents Protect your information through regular backups Give you hints on where and how to search for more clues Export your information to other genealogy programs In addition, some genealogy software today will let you: Download information directly from certain online resources Map your ancestors through time and space Browse online directly, without switching to a separate web browser So if all genealogy software does all this, does it really matter which program you pick?

It packs a lot of power, and is good all-around at just about everything. Pros and Cons Family Tree Maker provides all of the features that you would expect from a genealogy program, and it does most of them very well. Also, the company that produced Family Tree Maker changed in Compatibility FTM is available for both Windows 7.

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Online Support Because it has been around for so long and is used by so many people, Family Tree Maker has a wealth of online support in the form of tips, step by step instructions and tutorials, and even how-to videos. Integration For years, Family Tree Maker has allowed you to connect with Ancestry to upload your family tree and to directly download records from Ancestry into your tree.

Legacy 9 Legacy 9, also known as Legacy Family Tree 9, is a fully featured genealogy program that is considered by many to be the best on the market today. It has plenty going for it, and only a couple of weak areas. Pros and Cons Legacy 9 provides everything you would expect, plus a lot of neat extras that are new in the latest edition. This gives you all sorts of options for printing out your results. The latest release even includes a new X-DNA chart to track your genetic inheritance.

Compatibility Legacy 9 is only designed for Windows, though their website includes instructions for how to make it work on a Mac using an emulator. Online Support The Legacy website provides a variety of training videos and programs, and an extensive help center that includes user forums, troubleshooting advice, and even a suggestion box for you to tell them what features you'd like to see added.

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Where to Buy Legacy 9 is available from their website here , and is available in two versions. If you want to access all of Legacy's features, you can purchase the Deluxe version. Family Historian 6 Family Historian 6 is not nearly as well-known as Family Tree Maker or Legacy, but that doesn't mean it is any less useful when it comes to recording your findings.

Pros and Cons Family Historian's greatest strength is its ease of use. If you're looking for a program that you can use right out of the box from day one, this is it. Entering information into Family Historian is simple and intuitive. Compatibility Family Historian 6 runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and Online Support The Family Historian website includes quick start guides and tutorials, but has a more limited online community compared to other products, especially Family Tree Maker.

Integration The program links directly with the MyHeritage and Findmypast websites, letting you easily locate information on your ancestors and download it directly into your family tree. Where to Buy Family Historian 6 is available from Amazon here. RootsMagic 7 RootsMagic is not as well-known as some of the other genealogy software, but that doesn't mean it isn't just as good.

Pros and Cons RootsMagic has some powerful features that you won't find in many programs, including the ability to have more than one database open at the same time. That makes it a lot easier to compare databases and copy information from one to the other.


Just Released: Family Tree Maker Mac 3! - Ancestry Blog

You can even drag and drop people directly from one database to the other. That way you can take it with you and use it on any computer wherever and whenever you want. Compatibility RootsMagic 7 works on the greatest range of operating systems of any of our picks, including every version of Windows since Windows and XP, and on Macs Online Support The RootsMagic website is more limited than most of the others.

Integration RootsMagic 7 is able to connect and download directly from such sites as Ancestry, MyHeritage and FamilySearch, giving you access to a ton of online records and databases. Where to Buy RootsMagic 7 is available from Amazon here. However, the free version does not include a lot of the best features, such as RootsMagic To-Go.

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Family Tree Heritage 9 Rounding out our top five picks, Family Tree Heritage 9 lacks a lot of the bells and whistles that the other programs have. Even better, it can help you add other sites as well, something most software doesn't allow. That can be a great help when searching for information from other countries around the world. Family Tree Heritage is mixed when it comes to producing charts and reports. Compatibility Family Tree Heritage 9 is only available for Windows. Online Support Family Tree Heritage 9 has some online tutorials, but overall offers a lot less than the other programs on our list.

Integration The software allows direct downloads of records from Ancestry and FamilySearch. So Which Software is For You? Which program is best? As with so many things, that depends on you, and how you plan to use it. Family Tree Maker is a great all-around program for most users, especially if you want to upload your tree to Ancestry. Legacy 9 is also a great all-around program, and provides the greatest number of charts for showing off your research.

Family Historian 6 is excellent if you want ease of use. It lets you dive in right away, spending less time learning the program and more time researching your family. RootsMagic 7 is the clear and only choice if you want to take your research on the road and don't have a laptop. Family Tree Heritage 9 lets you link to more online sites than any of the other programs. If you want to work together with other family members on the same tree, Family Tree Maker is the way to go. If you're looking to create a webpage from your findings, Legacy 9 and RootsMagic 7 are your best choices.

If you want to create amazing looking ancestral charts, Legacy 9 is your best bet. The Amazon. If you live near an Apple Store I suggest you look to see if they have the software in stock. Before chastising someone and blathering your tale of victim woe, get your facts straight. There is certainly no software forum topic that justifies that kind of name calling and attitude. I notice that Tamura verifies this version IS based on the Mac platform and is not port of the Windows code.

Sadly, the features introduced in the version are the ones most of us seemed to be interested in.

Family Tree Maker for Mac - by Ancestry

I had pre-ordered it from Amazon. I just installed it and downloading my ancestry. I will let you know how it turns out. I pre-ordered on good faith, taking a chance. I am disappointed that I have yet to receive the software. I suppose many of our comments sound a bit picky but I have been a loyal Ancestry. While I am appreciative of all that Ancestry.

I am just so happy that it will be mailed this month. I too ordered as soon as I found out I could. I did send an email to ancestry. Clara Owen. I also like the idea of being able to download the software from the website. Nothing like instant access! I will be sure to pass on this request. I have received some emails asking about the differences between Family Tree Maker for Mac and other Mac genealogy programs.

The automatic searching, source documentation and image download of Ancestry. My files have grown significantly over the years due to the information that Ancestry offers. I had no problems downloading and importing everything in my ancestry. My pictures and notes are there also! Hope you all get yours soon! Link a Media item multiple time — no problems to link any one media item to any number of people or families — simply link it to one, then copy and paste it wherever else you want it. Global Find and Replace — Reunion can do find and Replace globally, or in a chosen subset of the data, or in a chose subset of field types — eg place names.

I have no idea how many blobs are missing from the Mac Family Tree Version 5 column, but I would point out that Mac Family Tree is now up to version 6. Just noticed that the commenting cut-off date is before the program is released elsewhere, such as the UK where the release date is not until November 19th.

I reluctantly recommend that people post on the Message board, the dialog on the message board will outlast this blog. They need to step back and stop the nanny attitude. The Message Board posts and message alerts—a user option about FTM for Mac are made available to provide links to new product information and support. This Mac preorder event is very disappointing. I too ordered the Mac version as soon as I could, and then changed it to take advantage of the free 2-day shipping offer.

Hearing people were getting their copy end of October beginning of November made me call Customer service twice, and the response was that I should be happy because I saved money versus retail. Everywhere else preorder with 2-day shipping has meant receive it 2-days after first release. At Ancestry.


Last week customer support stated they would ship early this week. Well with 2 day shipping and still nothing — I guess I was lied to again. I switch to a Mac last spring and no longer have a PC. How can I convert my old files without having access to a PC? The development team needs to get paid. I am however disappointed that those of us that bought it early get to use it last. Not a good PR move for sure. At the least there should have been a download available when the app hit the store shelves.

For those complaining about the delay in getting the program, I repeat and amplify what I said earlier. This has now slipped to November 19th. Say what? You sweet deal people to buy the product then slam them once the order is on the books. Just to be nasty. I may return that as well. Family Tree for Mac works fine. I am using FTM on a Windows 7 machine. The file translation tool will not allow me to use my file. Is there anyway to allow conversion of earlier Windows versions, short of buying FTM and upconverting the data before migrating it to Mac? The conversion tool is for FTM onwards.

Family Tree Maker 2017 on DVD - Full Version

The blurb says you can direct load FTM 4 to 16 files. What type of Mac will the application run on? Will I have to start over? How is the Mac version different from the PC version? The Mac version has the same functionality as Family Tree Maker Can I download the software from the Family Tree Maker website?

New Family Tree Maker 2019 Coming this Summer with some NICE new features!

No, at this time the software is available on CD only. Can I import a tree I created in Reunion? How different is the Mac version? Share Tweet Share Pin Email. November 4, at am. I have a few questions… 1 Why so much more expensive than the regular FTM product? How about some incentive for Mac users to switch from another program? Eleen, Can you upgrade your OS? Eileen, Hit your Apple Icon in the upper left of your menu bar.

Pop that open. Integration of Ancestry. Any idea when the people who pre-ordered it might receive it. November 4, at pm. Janna Re: 21 What on earth does cost of subscription and cost of software have to do with one another?? To the best of my knowledge, there are no immediate plans to offer a downloadable trial version. November 5, at am. Just called Ancestry Customer Service. Pre-orders will start shipping next week. Pre-orders Pre-orders started shipping this week so keep an eye on your mailbox next week. November 5, at pm.