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Après avoir porté son logiciel de capture vidéo Camtasia sur Mac, l'éditeur TechSmith remet le couvert Un outil de capture et un organiseur d'images très fluide pour Mac Capturer tout ce qui se passe sur le bureau et l'enregistrer en Flash.
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We highly recommend not using your system drive, unless you have no other alternatives. This used up space is temporary and separate from your actual project file. The problem is that Photoshop doesn't always get rid of these temporary files when they aren't needed anymore, which is more like a permanent problem if the user can't find a solution.

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Photoshop has an in-built solution for deleting specific Photoshop caches. A good way to keep Photoshop cache from piling up is running regular disk cleanups. But here is a problem: the cache sits so deep in system folders and their subfolders that deleting it manually becomes a pain. You've heard of similar tools but that one actually pioneered Mac cleanup.

Just let it do its thing. Along with Photoshop, Sketch is another app that keeps temporary versions of projects on your disk. And it eats up a whole lot: from 60 to GB on average. Say, your file weighs 23 mb. Then, 7 temporary editions would increase that size to MB. You can keep the final and the oldest version of a project and delete all revisions in-between.


How to Save Pictures to Your MacBook: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

When it comes to wasting space on your scratch disk, the worst culprit is often Photoshop's own temp files. To find them you'll need to look for files that begin with "pst" and then a string of numbers followed by the file extension ". Do a search for "Photoshop Temp" with a space between the two words. You can just search your scratch drive but to make sure everything is found, rather perform the search on the entire computer. It may take a couple of minutes for the search to complete, so pop into the kitchen for a quick snack while you wait. When you return, you should have a long list of files.

If your work is saved and the program is closed, you can safely delete these files and watch as your scratch disk space is reclaimed. If you don't have another drive or don't want to buy one, then it's time to do some spring cleaning. Look at the drive contents to see if you can delete anything you don't need. Is there storage space that can be cleared? Usually there is, so go ahead and delete your old files and free up some space. Alternatively, you can simply transfer files to external drives, DVDs or cloud storage solutions like Dropbox and iCloud.

Inside we have lots of practical advice for macOS users who want a clean drive that performs well.

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If you click on "manage" you will be taken to the new tools. While there are some truly helpful elements, like using Optimized Storage to customize what email attachments download to your Mac, most of the tools just move junk from one place to another place.

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Because a lot of these processes are automatic, Sierra users might not be aware of what the OS is doing on their behalf. If it sounds like a good idea to have macOS deciding what files to send to iCloud and what iTunes videos to remove, go for it. It can be a hassle but if you keep an eye on the available space on your scratch disk, you can do something when the space is becoming limited.

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