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posted by mtnman 8 years ago I have a mac osx and need to download firefox version that will run on it. See here: Uninstall Firefox from your computer.
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Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. Nov 29, PM in response to micheal owens In response to micheal owens i cant seem to be able to download anything onto my computer That's a pretty broad statement. Perhaps you could be more specific as to error messages you are getting. Which software are you using? Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

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It’s easy to upgrade.

Nov 29, PM in response to micheal owens In response to micheal owens Hi Michael, As limnos has suggested what you have posted about your System and computer model are too vague to give you concrete suggestions so you might want to post back with more info of the model Mac you are referring to etc. The latest Firefox browser I believe will not work with Nov 29, PM in response to littleshoulders In response to littleshoulders Littleshoulders is correct about versions, though when you said, "Could not download," I know I can download programs that I cannot install or run on this computer.

I can download windows software but there is no way it will run on this computer. Nov 29, PM in response to micheal owens In response to micheal owens micheal, welcome to Apple Discussions. What browser are you currently using?

Your Mac is not too old to download files. It's possibly a problem with your browser. Do you have another browser that you could use? Here's the link to download the Firefox browser for OS User profile for user: micheal owens Question: Q: downloading firefox on mac os x Return to top.

• 2.9.6 June 26, 2018 (Mac)

Minimum Requirements Your browser does not meet minimum requirements for access to this Web site. To upgrade now, click the appropriate button for your browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. Follow the download and install steps to save and download to disk. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours depending on your connection to the Microsoft Web site, so we suggest you begin it when you have some time to spare.

You may want to write down the name and location of this file to ensure you can find it later. Once the download is complete, exit your browser by selecting the File menu item from the top pull-down bar and choosing Exit.

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Install the software by double-clicking on the setup icon on your desktop or in the location you saved the file named ie6setup. The Internet Explorer Installation wizard will walk you through the installation, and then you will be ready to go. To verify that the bit encryption is in place, start the new browser, select the Help menu item from the top pull-down bar and choose About Internet Explorer On the screen that appears, Windows users will see displayed the bit cipher strength.

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  • It’s easy to upgrade.!